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For Parents

How Parents Prevent Their Children From Drug Abuse

By Scott Hinkle, Ph.D.

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I have been asked to make a comment about how parents can facilitate keeping their children off drugs. First, we must begin with the relationships in the family. The couple needs to agree about their relationship, as well as agree as parents about their children. When there is strong disagreement, there is stress, and stress can mean seeking relief in drugs and alcohol (even parents will seek solace in this dark place). The relationship between the parents and the children is critical. Be avoiding it, be minimizing it, be discounting it - and BEWARE. The parent-child relationship in and of itself will not guarantee a drug-free family, but without strong bonding, the opportunities for drug and alcohol abuse go up, substantially. Lastly, and I know this is brief, but parents assuming the executive position in their families is an obligation, not only a responsibility. Children need love, care, protection, safety, direction and guidance from their parents. Excuses, as easy as they are, are not acceptable. Parents' role is to guide their children. Parents don't wait until their children come and ask for direction, they likely never will. Parents just do it (sorry Nike!). It's what we do! And doing this, although not a free pass, does help insulate our children against a life of difficulty with drugs and alcohol. Life is difficult enough without being dependent on a substance. Dr. Scott

Don’t be Afraid to Use your Influence to Educate your Children About Drug Use

By Edit Vidalon B.A.

Most parents do not realize that they are the most powerful and important influence on their children. They should be aware that they are the first educational resource for their children when it comes to drugs. Parents are the main teachers in children’s lives. I honestly believe that parents can become my allies in this battle against drugs, but I need to provide them the necessary tools to educate their children and teens so they can keep their kids and teens drug-free. The mission of this website is to inform parents about drug use so they can be prepared to teach their children about the consequences of drugs and learn about the damaging effects of the many types of drugs that are out there. Kids will pay attention to their parents if they talk to them about the risk of drugs and alcohol because they see them as their role models and heroes.

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 SHATTER THE MYTHSTM, SM About Drug and       Alcohol Use


You may or may not know how passionate I am about protecting teens from the dangers of drug and alcohol use. Did you know National Drug & Alcohol Facts Weekis coming up from January 23-29? During that week, I’m joining with others to help teens SHATTER THE MYTHSTM,SM about drug and alcohol use.

Teens are bombarded with conflicting messages that can leave them feeling confused and unsure of who to ask for information about drug use. With 12.9% of 12th graders reporting abuse of prescription drugs in the past year and 21.3% reporting use of marijuana in the past month, there is no better time than now to help teens understand the serious consequences of drug and alcohol use (data is from the Monitoring the Future Study: Trends in Prevalence of Various Drugs).VIDA is partnering with the National Institute on Drug Abuse and the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism to promote this national event around the U.S and world!

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