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The future depends onwhat you do in the present
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For the Youth


Youth Drug-Free World Pledge

 I Pledge to Lead the Way by

  • Living  a drug-free life.
  • Showing my friends that a drug free life is more fun.
  • Learning more about how drugs really harm people.
  • Telling people the truth about the harmful effects of drugs.
  • Helping my family and friends be drug-free
  • Working with others to keep spread the truth about drugs so toguether we create a drug-free

                                                                                 Atte. VIDA

 Don't become an Easy Prey of Drugs!


Learn About Drugs




About Cocaine




Learn About Marijuana




What is Synthetic Drugs?




Educate Yourself About Alcohol




Learn the Effects of Ecstasy!




Everything About Crack




National Drug& Alcohol Facts Week



En Español

Todo sobre la Marijuana




Un evento Nacional Sobre las Drogas y Alcohol